Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hot pads and other stuff

At our pot-luck dinner last month, Peggy had brought along a trivet that her mother had made, using the folded-star method.  Quite a few of us liked it and asked her if she would be willing to show us how it was made.  So our July meeting became a small workshop in making this intriguing hot pad.  Peggy showed us one way to make it, where all the pieces are made from circles.   She had a sample of another method that used squares to start off.  A few of us had brought along pre-cut circles and we made up the trivet as Peggy showed us each of the steps.  Here's my finished project:
Folded star hot pad

Aside from the workshop, we discussed some project ideas for Make A Difference Day.  Thompson House in Rhinebeck can use some aprons and walker bags, and Hudson River Housing would appreciate fleece hats and scarves.  The CAB will discuss it at the upcoming meeting and see if there is anyone willing to organize the event. 

There is no meeting in August.  Our September meeting topic is free-motion embroidery.  This is a previously scheduled program that had been postponed (due to weather issues, I think).  It will be a hands-on session so plan to bring your machine with free-motion foot.  More specific information will come out closer to the meeting.

We ended with a variety of show-and-tell items.
One of Connie's quilts for a co-worker

Another of Connie's quilts for a co-worker

Sue's quilt with 2" strips
Sue's topographical quilt

Child's quilt by Kathia

Table pads almost complete

Ronnie's luggage tag

Little Red Riding Hood by Ronnie

Peggy's wrap-top dress
Embroidered fishing fly

Maura's seersucker shorts

Monday, June 15, 2015

Annual Sewing Room Tour

The song from "Carousel" says "June is bustin' out all over", but for sewists like us, it's usually fabric that is bustin' out all over!   Bustin' out of sewing rooms, closets, guest rooms, basement storage, you name it.  But since June is also when the Sewphisticuts hold their sewing room tour, one person in the group gets some motivation to contain the bustin' out piles of fabric, at least temporarily.  This year Veronica agreed to host our group, so she had to get going on the clearing out so that we would be able to see into her sewing space.  The photos show she had some success.

She has her sewing machine on a low table to the left and a long-arm quilter against the wall to the right.  The shelves hold some decorative items as well as books and patterns.  A folding cutting table is in the foreground.  Fabric is stored below the table and in the closet, and there is a small wardrobe (out of frame) that stores notions and small items.  She has made good use of every inch of space! 

We had show and tell, but my camera battery was dying so I didn't take any pictures, sorry to say, since we had some beautiful quilts and interesting garments and crafts.

Next month we were planning on doing a program on installing a lapped zipper, but we all liked a potholder with a quilt pattern design so much, that we decided to try to make that at the next meeting.  Everyone also liked Sue K's art quilt and many of us would like to learn that technique, so that may be a program at a later meeting.