Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sewphisticuts Stitch Challenge

The snowy weather abated enough to allow the Sewphisticuts to meet last evening.  The topic was a Stitch Challenge:  to learn a new stitch from your machine or to use one in a new way for you.  Three out of seven brought along samples.  

Judy's twin-needle results
Judy experimented with embroidery stitches on her machine but with a double needle.  She got some interesting effects but in the process broke several needles.  The problem she found was that with her machine, many embroidery stitches move the needle too far to one side to be able to accommodate a twin needle

Peggy tried various embroidery stitches on her machine to applique designs.  In one case she accidentally combined several settings and wound up with an unexpected stitch, but liked the look of it anyway.  As the painter Bob Ross would say, there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!
Embroidery stitches attach applique

Embroidery stitch used to for blind hem on right.

Buttonhole with tapered satin stitches

Decorative stitch for top-stitching

Maura also used her machine's embroidery stitches, one for top-stitching a pocket edge, another for adding emphasis to buttonholes, and a third could be used as a blind-hem stitch.

There was show and tell - photos are included below.  Next month's topic is Fabric Manipulation, which could include felting, pleating, tucking, fabric embellishment, etc.  Ronnie wants to experiment with pin-tucking and smocking and she will try to bring samples of that.  If anyone else wants to claim a particular technique to demonstrate with samples, please let the group know.
Judy's blouse

Peggy's sweater

Judy's trousers
Maura's jeans

Fleecy baby blanket in the works
Pocket detail - decorative top-stitching

Saturday, January 17, 2015

"This year, I resolve....."

Once again, the Sewphisticuts took on the new year by making their version of New Year resolutions in the form of sewing goals.  We revisited our goals from last January to see how we did.  The best any of us did was meeting about half of our goals.  Some of us realized we had been a tad too ambitious!  And quite a few of us, although not fulfilling the particular goals we had set, nevertheless had a successful year of sewing new things, learning new techniques and enjoying the creative process.

A common theme for many of us was organization and reduction of our fabric stash / collection.  I guess to be a sewist is akin to being a hoarder, as far as fabric and sewing supplies are concerned.  Another goal mentioned by many of us was to finish certain projects.  This led Pat to observe that lots of us apparently have several projects going at once, whereas she sews serially, finishing one project before starting another.

In other news, we learned that the Fishkill Town Hall will no longer be available for ASG group meetings, so for Garment Gals, Quilt Rulers and Charity Chics, check with the group leader about where the next meeting will be held.

The topic for the next Sewphisticuts' meeting is a Stitch Challenge:  do you know what all the stitches on your machine can do?  Try learning a new one that you haven't tried yet, or use one in a new way.  Bring along your samples to show, or if you feel like doing a demo, bring your machine.  Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to get to those projects I vowed to finish this year!